October Birthstone - OPAL

There are many types of Opal and a wide variety of names , here are just a few names:
**Fire Opal is a term used for colourful transparent to translucent opal that has a bright fire-like background colour of yellow, orange or red.  


**Blue Opal mined in the country of Peru in South America, is a very desirable gem because of its beautiful blue body colour.  Pink Opal occurs in different shades of pink , also mined in Peru.  

**Coober Pedy is a small town in South Australia that was first settled in 1916 when mining for opals began.  Coober Pedy is famous for producing white base-colour Opals and production has continued uninterrupted since 1916.

It is believed to encourage emotional stability, strengthens memory.

Women’s Standard Necklace Sizes


Necklace lengths are good to know for when you are ordering online and not able to try it on.  The following sizes are the most common lengths and where they fall on the average female body.

14” - 16“ - Choker

This length is referred to as the “Choker Necklace” length and typically sits at the base of the neck and is perhaps the most classic and yet versatile of all lengths.

17” – 18 “ - Princess

The “Princess” length is one the most popular lengths today.  It is intended to sit at the collarbone and is made to be a versatile length.  It is well suited with a variety of fashions including V-neck, Scoop neck and Button-up styles.

20” – 24” - Matinee

The “Matinee” length usually sits well below the average neckline.  This makes a popular choice as it can be used for casual, business or formal occasions.

The Matinee length works well when layering necklaces with a shorter Choker or Princess length sitting above it.

36” - Opera

The “Opera” length is also very suitable for layering and it can also be wrapped double.  This versatile length may also be tied in a knot for a charming modern look reminiscent of the height of 1920s flapper fashion!

40” - Rope

A necklace any longer than Opera (36”) is typically considered a “Rope”.  Can be worn a one long necklace, or two or three shorter necklaces when wrapped round the neck.   The Rope can also be knotted and slung over the shoulder to accentuate the beauty of a backless dress.